On the website services advertised by third parties, marketed products, the pages that can be accessed through the same , use and / or downloading information contained therein, are contingent to full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set forth below. Who does not agree to these Terms and Conditions, must refrain from accessing this site , either directly or indirectly, use any information or services provided by it. Buying a digital card on the web site or any affiliate accommodation is required for the acquisition of services, goods and access to advertised offers of third party. The buyer information is needed to generate sales , customer service care and to ensure the authorized use of tenders.

BUSINESS PARTNER : The third party who advertises its services through the website of the Company.
USER : is the natural person accessing the site voluntarily to enjoy the offers and benefits promoted in SAVING CLUB.
SAVING COMPANY may act in two ways :
1. As a third promoter : Acts as a catalog allowing third parties advertise on your website and in turn collects payments of USERS under buying bracelets and cards.
2. Service Provider and / or assets in some cases of marketing services and / or products through the website.

Terms of use Discount card
The use of the Coco Beach Discount Card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of the program. The benefits of Coco Beach Discount Card will be valid only with the presentation of the printed card in conjunction with a photo ID document before requesting your account. The discount is not valid if the Coco Beach Discount Card is shown after payment of the account. ALLIES discounts at participating establishments apply in the manner in which they are displayed on our website
The Coco Beach Discount Card are personal and not transferable. The benefits of membership are not applicable on other special promotions, group rates , corporate or through travel agents and wholesalers. Each ALLY has established an exclusive benefit according to their own business policies .
COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE is not responsible for the relationship between the USER and the Allies . And it is not responsible in any way , quality , performance, use or safety of products and / or services offered by the Allies . The selection of ALLIES establishments may vary over time . The user can check the updated information through our website If the ally establishment does not meet discount or modifies the conditions of use, save your bill and contact us by email . COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE will reimburse the user
the amount representing the value of the digital card purchased, provided that the establishment ALLY is published on the website and the user has complied with the conditions of use. COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE is not responsible for the misuse of the digital card by any USER.

Privacy and confidentiality: COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE acknowledge and accept the privacy policy and undertakes to keep absolute secrecy about the data provided herein . All personal information provided by the user , is the sole responsibility of the person who contributes. The information entered by the COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE user , will be used to generate purchase, answering emails, provide information regarding tenders and for the contracted services with COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE and third parties.
COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE reserves the right to use this information to send emails with information on goods and services contracted , as well as to send information about promotions, products or services. The user can always order the cessation of sending emails. It will not sell , lease or exchange personal information with third parties provided by the user .
Intellectual Property : The content, organization, graphics, design , compilation and other aspects of the Site are protected by copyright laws . The copying, redistribution, use or publication of all or part, is prohibited by law. The publication or transmission of information or documents on the Site does not constitute a waiver of any right related to such documents or information.
COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE expressly reserves the exercise of all , both civil and criminal actions to safeguard their legitimate rights of intellectual property .

Site Access
It is the duty and responsibility of the USER safeguard your data when making a purchase , since they are for the exclusive use of the owner .

Obligations on the veracity of the information:
All information provided by the COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE USER must be truthful and verifiable . For these purposes , the user guarantees the authenticity of all data provided and updates thereof , responsible for all damages arising from any inaccuracy therein.

The Site may contain hyperlinks or links to other websites which are not controlled , edited, or have any relationship with COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE, not being the Company to be held responsible for the content or accuracy of the information contained therein . The purpose of the links found on the Site is purely informative, it is provided by third parties and is limited only to inform the USER other sources of information related to matters of the site. COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE has no responsibility regarding the websites that have links to the Site. The establishment of any link does not imply in any way the existence of any relationship between COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE and the owner of the website in which they are established.

Notwithstanding already expressed , USERS are prohibited from using the Site to upload, make announcements , transmit and / or distribute any item, including without limitation computer viruses , Trojan horses , worms, automatic shutdown mechanisms or any other system , program or disruptive file; interfere with the security of this site ; infringe commercial patents, trademarks, trade and industrial secrets , rights of publicity or any other proprietary rights of any natural or legal person , institutions, etc., prevent or terminate the use of the Site by third parties ; using automatic programs, mechanisms or manual process to monitor , copy , summarize, or extract information otherwise from this site ; use user accounts and passwords , or other information without the prior written consent of the owner; create accounts or use the site providing false information ; transmitting from this site SPAM , chain letters, junk mail or any other type of unsolicited mass mailing ; upload, distribute or disseminate from the site , material or information of character threatening , harassing , defamatory , obscene , pornographic , fraudulent, deceptive , or otherwise may be prejudicial against the Law, morality and public order that violates the rights of any party or which contains requests for fundraising , among others.

System failures
The system may occasionally be unavailable due to technical difficulties, Internet failures , or any other circumstance beyond COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE. In such cases will seek to restore as quickly as possible , without necessarily any fault to the company .

COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE is not responsible for loss or damage which may eventually suffer the files that are sent by USERS for the provision of their services , whether they occur due to technical problems , facts or his dependents. In view of the above , it is the user who has the responsibility to support the information you send.

Products and services
The products and / or services promoted through the Site may be sold by COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE or other parties who advertise their products through the site . The responsibility for compliance with the obligations of the sale, fall on COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE exclusively in cases listed as the seller of the products and / or services; in the other , this responsibility lies with the third party that advertises its products through the website. The changes , returns or the warranty claim will be subject to current legislation , in cases where the sale is made directly by COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE, otherwise , changes , refunds or guarantees shall be exercised with the provider of the goods. The release of products by COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE, is executed only when specified in the publication thereof. The deadline for delivery is specified in each case. The amount paid by the USER does not include the release of products , unless so specified in the respective publication . The terms of business days excludes weekends and holidays. COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE may deliver dispatch information provided by the user to third parties for the purpose of carrying out the distribution of products.
When products are sold to dispatch the following specific conditions apply:
– Service delivery of the products is provided by third parties to whom COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE gives them the name, official ID , phone number and address of the user . These third party distributors are subject to the legal obligation of secrecy regarding the personal data of users .
– Buyer must enter a valid address , which can be delivered the product at any time during the authorized hours . Any person of legal age in the reported address can receive the product .
– If the address entered is in a building or enclosure in which free access is not allowed, the product to be delivered to the manager of the building.
– If no one receives or if the address reported by the customer is wrong, the purchaser shall be established by that fact alone receiving overdue .
– The daily cost of warehousing of products during the default of the purchaser may be up to 2.5 % of the amount paid for the product.
– To request the refund of the price paid , in cases where it may be appropriate, the customer should first proceed with the return of the product.
Unless otherwise stated , the services are offered and provided by the third party or PARTNER advertised through the website of the Company . The fulfillment of the obligations associated with the provision of services deals are always borne by the third party or PARTNER who advertises, who will be duly identified in the respective publication .
COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE is not responsible for the fulfillment of such obligations or the content of such advertising, and the ALLY is solely responsible for any damage or harm that the USER cause within the scope of the service . Discounts incorporated in the tenders can not be refunded in whole or in part or can be accumulated with other promotions that the third party advertises.
Service offerings have the following specific conditions related to the use of the digital card:
– The digital card are nominative , personal and not transferable.
– The digital card may only be used until the date specified therein, then definitely lose validity without the user needing to claim rights or compensation.
– There shall be no refund of the price of thedigital card after the user has been serviced by ALLY . In case of problems the user should contact first with the area of COCO BEACH EXPERIENCE Customer Service.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law
This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United States of Mexico. Any dispute arising under this agreement , its existence, validity , interpretation, scope or compliance will be subject to applicable laws and Federal District Courts competent for information