Where can I get my Coco Beach Discount Card?

You can get your card directly to one of our agent, or in our office, which is located on the 5th avenue between the streets 40 and 42.

What is the cost of the cards?

The card doesn’t cost anything. It’s totally free!

What is the validity of digital cards?

Each card has a validity of 30 calendar days from the moment it is made. Once expired this term the card will lose validity automatically.

How do I validate the benefits to allied businesses?

You must review the terms and conditions specific to each business on our website. You can find the business in question by doing a quick search through the bar located on the main page, where you can filter the same by region and category.
In addition, beyond the terms and conditions of each business, you must always present your discount card along with an official identification that credits you as a user of Coco Beach Experience.


Where can I check the list of benefits?

You can check the various discounts and benefits through our website

Are the benefits cumulative?
The benefits do not overlap with existing ones in which another brand or program is involved and are valid for all forms of payment accepted by the establishment to the general public. Likewise, you must review terms and conditions specific to each establishment.